So I Stay Strong

November 22, 2011
Sitting alone in this empty room,
trying to think of what to do.
And now I'm wondering why,
she hasn't called.

Blinded by love
and struck by faith,
but for her she knows that I would wait,
I just wish it didn't have to be this long,
So I stay strong.

I think about her
when I'm plowin' these fields,
but the feelin' is too much to yield.
Lord I know
it's worth it in the end,
Because I know you'll
come my way again-
I just want you back,
right where you belong,
So I stay strong.

Girl you know you caught me
way off guard,
Hey, what you end up doing to this boys heart,
is something even Webster can not define-
You know your smile is really something,
yeah girl, it's divine.

And I never thought I'd write you
in a sad little country song,
Because you know that this old boy can't wait too long,
So I stay strong.

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