The Story of My Heart

November 6, 2011
It's like a fairytale
Except the story's all wrong
She's the gorgeous princess
And I'm the damsel in distress

You cast a spell over me
Then ran off with her
It ends happily ever after
But not for me

You're her knight in shining armor
And she's the one with the golden hair
You fell in love with each other
The most perfect couple the kingdom has ever seen
And as the wedding bells ring for the new king and queen
Who ride off into the sunset like a fantasy
I'm left crying in the corner

Once upon a time
I used to dream about the day
You'd lead me down the staircase
And chase the dragons away

I fell in love with you
And no wishing well could save me
She's the complete Belle
And my story's a tragedy


Why does it always have to be me
Who gets locked up in the dungeon of my heart

I fell in love with you


Fantasy, fantasy
Broken fantasy, fantasy
Happily ever after
But not for me

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