November 17, 2011
By Hypnotic BRONZE, Ontario, Other
Hypnotic BRONZE, Ontario, Other
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I used to think life was a breeze 'till honeybees gave me nervous knees,
“Yes Please” – she was all the keys to the doors of possibilities,
My whole life was a chase and a high-haste race up until I saw her face,
Then she calmed everything in my space - down to the base - to a different pace.

It’s not that I rhyme more slowly, not that I think more slowly - see more slowly,
This honeybee didn’t slow me: she allowed me to breathe in the world around me.
This world is beautiful so I see: even a spider can love a small bee,
And she had this spider trapped in her web of sweet, sweet luscious honey.
She had a timeless flow and always had a smile to show,
But I learned I had miles to go when she took her flight a while ago.

Spiders have no wings so how could I follow?
Saw her fly away and now my heart is hollow,
If she comes back it willl end today’s sorrow,
So every day I wish I could borrow tomorrow.

But 'till then, it will never end, and I’m waiting for her when she comes again,
My heart is with her - so I’m heartless writing about my heart with this pen,
I try to rewind but she stays in my mind... buzzing a serene rhyme,
I never once told her goodbye; I saved my breath as “hello” for next time.

The author's comments:
Here is 16 bars of a rap that I want to record in the future. It's a preview to a story I've been working on about a tragic love between a spider and a honeybee. Maybe it isn't meant to be recorded, so here is the raw lyrics. Hope you enjoy :)

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