Up in the Clouds

November 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Make me fall
No one left out at all
Cracked walls
In the fire, burned baby doll
Make me fall

On this earth, I have seen
People fall from chosen dreams
Love that's split in between
Shot and dead at age thirteen
Cry when rain falls
Hide against the white wall
Mind left in free fall
Still I'll keep my head up in the clouds

Broken might
No answer to the call
Still no light
Silent sat, no hope above all
Make me fall

I can see, though silver screen
That hide the tragic seen
Snap my mind, on lullabies
Lies that sing
Numb to the sting
Clip my wings
Still I'll keep my head up in the clouds

I can't find anything to believe
'Cause happy faces only come to leave
But still I feel something inside of me

I can't believe, I cannot see
Walking off, fled to kill
Leaving me, standing still
What does it mean to say goodbye?
Screaming from the sound, everybody falling all around
I'm standing shining proud, look at me now

Even on a rainy day

The author's comments:
Life isn't perfect at all. We all get hurt. Feel pain. Become alone.But even during all of this there still has to be some hope left, because without hope, we are nothing.

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