Thought it So

November 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Please stay, please leave
That's what you say
Oh believe me
Wish i never saw the day
Nights drag on into the dark
How could you do this to my shattered heart

Guess you never thought much
Guess you never cared much
Guess you never loved much
When you, when you shut me out
tore me down, gave me doubt
left me there, been unfair
made me think you really cared

Easy come, easy go
That's how you rolled
Oh now I see
In the heat your ice cold
Days in the sun dead and gone
Now I have to sit and wait for the dawn to come

Sad how you made me go there
Goes to show you how much you really cared
Overseeing may get things kind of blurry
Overbearing makes everybody slow to hurry
Now I gotta get up and move on
Only because now your long gone.

The author's comments:
heartache is the most painful of any disease that can brake the soul.

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