Needle Filled Heart

November 4, 2011
By Anonymous

The virus in my heart,
Broke from its chains.
Contaminating my mind,
Mentality lost,
No one I'll ever find.

Grasping for the needles.
Inject the venom inside.
Can the pain subside?
Will the love ever decide to die?

Like a fire to the skin,
This feeling burns my heart.
Tears flow again,
Leaving my face with scars.

I can take this no more.
My veins set ablaze,
Nothing to care for.
My eyes seeing haze.

With a final injection,
I put to an end,
My affliction.
Drowning my veins with poison.

Can you not see,
This toxin within me?
Can you not hear,
My skin begin to sear?

The virus in my heart,
Broke from its chains.
How it left scars.
How it seared my veins.

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