November 4, 2011
Break from the jar.
Seal the doors,
Begin quarantine.
The Fiend,
Stalking our blood streams.

Breathe no more.
Newborn's dedicated,
No words.

The Injection.
The needle thick in the skin,
Begin the infection.

The Projection.
Pass the line of life.
New species detection.

The Desolation.
Scar the skin with burns.
Human annihilation.

Mutations roam the plains.
Broken lungs in glass jars.
Needles in the skin, no pain.
DNA taken from cracked hearts.

Cyanide cannibals,
Take a single bite.
New species to explore.
New experiments to adore.

No changes required.
All targets acquired.
Fire the injections.
Spread our infections.

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