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Final Breath

Things are never as they may seem
I wish that I could take back my final breath
I do not regret the things that I have done
Because they made me who I am
I want to use my final breath to say that I love you
Not hate, I would love to kiss you once more
I would love to inhale the toxic that you give
The poison that took my final breath

[It seems that I am in hell
And there’s nothing left to tell
I thought that you were heaven sent
Maybe hell bent but now you are a fire
I am not flame resistant
I am burning and I'm down to the last wire
You walk around like you know everything about me
You make me see things that shouldn’t]

You take my hand in yours
And together are we for hours
I feel higher than the tallest towers
But now I'm falling
Falling for you

[And it seems like I'm in hell
And there’s nothing left to tell
We all thought you were heaven sent
Maybe even hell bent
But now you are pain
You are worse that Cain
I am not one to take things in vain
You talk to me like I don’t deserve a thing
You make me hear things that shouldn’t]

I am now on top of the world
While you sat around
Now you are going down
While I am running the town
I will burn you to the ground

[It looks like you are in hell
Now I have something to tell
I am heaven sent
And hell bent
But now I am the fire
And you are not flame resistant
You are down to the last wire
And now you know everything about me
And I make believe things that you shouldn’t
While I take away your final breath]

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