Say Goodbye

November 1, 2011
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Hey babe, we ain’t getting anywhere,
There are too many things, that I gotta do.
This whole problem make me tearin’ out my hair,
So what the heck, do I got to lose.

Life is more than, choosing what to wear,
You know I know, that I am higher.
There’s so much more pressure, that I can’t bear,
You’re getting old, and I’m getting tired.

You ask me what you gotta do, to keep it going,
Sorry to break it to you, but it’s already gone.
The question is, why did I do it?
Cause you did so little, for far too long.


Say goodbye to me,
Say goodbye to me.
Cause right now it’s time for me to leave.
Say goodbye to me,
Say goodbye to me.
This is all we could ever be.

Oh babe, how does it feel,
So suddenly to lose control.
Admit it girl, it was time to get real,
I am flying so high, so look out below.

For so long, I kept you from falling,
Why don’t you flap your own wings for a change?
I don’t know how, you’ll keep it from breaking,
It’s not my problem cause I’m turning the page.

Say goodbye to me,
Say goodbye to me.
Now I am gone, as you can see.
Say goodbye to me,
Say goodbye to me.
After so long, I am finally free.

You know babe, you meant so much to me,
But there was so many things to be done.
Had you done you part, I might not of had to leave,
But you didn’t, so now I’m gone.

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Kayla12w said...
Nov. 28, 2011 at 8:57 am
Good JOb, This was a great peice, I understand it. Really good. Check my page sometime, Or go on the chat I'll see you there.
dynasty7 replied...
Feb. 7, 2012 at 4:28 pm
Thank you so much for commenting!! I'm glad that someone can relate to how I'm feeling.
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