The Streets of Wall

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Occupy the streets, as you occupy your mind
Forget the blunder of the media, some just want to stay blind
to those who wind up gettin’ screwed up,
messed up by the grind
of punching in and punching out twenty four hours at a time.
Sometimes I wonder if this is one man’s plunder
or if it was all of us combined
mixing oxygen and dollar bills, just to find in hindsight that’s the s*** that kills.
That it’s grilling us slowly,
getting us high until we crash:
it’s the cash from the stash of the one percent’s hash.
We’re hooked on mindless economics, when we should be hooked on phonics;
it’s for the edumacation in this nation that we should be demonstratin'.
Politicians all be hatin’ while they latin’ up in congress
addressing and redressing the messings of a yesterday.
We the people need to stand up, need a chance to have our say.

So let’s camp out, homedogs, one city at a time;
We got to occupy the world before they occupy our minds.

The author's comments:
You can take it as a parody, or as a call to action. Either way, it's an homage to the 99%.

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