My Life Story

October 31, 2011
By Jake Glenney BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
Jake Glenney BRONZE, Marshalltown, Iowa
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Hate is bad.
It's definitely not good.
That's the belief I had,
that's where I stood.

But living this life,
I've changed my mind.
I got a phone call last night,
it was a friend of mine.

He had someone on his mind,
this guy hurt his wife.
Now I've got someone to find.
I'm going to end his life.

Now times have changed,
I've been busted by the cops.
My bail has been paid,
this game has to stop.

So I get a car,
drive over to his house.
It wasn't far,
but I know now,

My friend set me up.
My target is my brother.
Now I'm fed up,
I tell my brother.

We drive to his home.
He lives alone.
I kill him with a hammer,
get thrown in the slammer.

I did my time.
I have to change my ways.
I met a girl and she's mine.
I know she will stay.

Her name is Laurie.
Now I tell you again,
hate is bad, that's the way it's been.
And that's my life story.

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