Paper Cuts

October 30, 2011
By Anonymous

The words that she left spun,
down the back of,
everything we had,
out the barrel of a shot, but,
got enough to worry about,
i never said you had to think of me,
so why don't,
you put on a brave face,
and erase, completely.

I know enough to say,
that those aren't paper cuts,
and you've done it every day,
surrendering is not my intention lets,
take a step back,
take a step out,
because your complications might strike a violation,
and that coincidentally,
recedes from the borders of me

I'm not about,
to lie and say you aren't on my mind,
but those,
surface area graphite lines,
trace down your wrists,
I'm trying to rearrange this,
until you tell me to stop.

The author's comments:
I guess my inspiration was trying to be there for a person who pushes you away, someone who needs help but refuses to let you give it to them. Someone you love, but doesn't feel the same way.

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