tea time disaster

October 30, 2011
By Lexii Loleriez BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
Lexii Loleriez BRONZE, Wilson, North Carolina
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(verse 1)
One death glare is equal to a bullet in the head
Two love birds fall from the sky
Hit the ground in each other's wings dead.
What is the definition of love in this day and age

Whoah oh oh whats that at the door
Is that misery on your doorstep
Knock knock knock
He puts u into an immediate shock.
Stop, stop the madness
The mad hatter isnt in attendance
Pull, pull the plug
Before u start bathing in your own blood.
Another day to spread the wealth
Of your own misfortune.

(verse 2)
Oh bloody he** i shot the boy
I guess that means im dead too
Because he held my heart
And now i dont have anything pumping my blood for me.

Love is dead, long live the zombies
Because they seem to do a better job at loving the people i neglected
It was all unintentional i swear
I do love u
Just cut my heart out and put it to good use
It hasnt been loved in a while

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