Down the Road I Go

October 30, 2011
By NoLover22 BRONZE, Clyde, New York
NoLover22 BRONZE, Clyde, New York
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Down the road I go,
Down far places I don’t know.
I am leaving my home at last,
Time sure has gone by fast.
My childhood years are done,
Now I must go out and run.
All the life I want to live,
With so much I have to give.
I’m going out to chase my dreams,
It sure is hard it seems.
Never will I be lame,
Even if I garner fame.
No longer am I a child,
But still I am quite mild.
The world has gotten much colder,
But I’m proud to say I’m older.
Indeed, I will see those who are greedy,
Knowing, though, to help those who are needy.
I’ll meet people, who I like,
I’ll meet people, who I dislike.
Maybe I’ll be a star someday,
And I will be far at bay.
Hopefully, you’ll see me,
Happy as you will see.
I might fall down,
I might just frown.
But you’ll be there,
And you will care.
Remember me on your knee,
So much younger were we.
Now I have so much to learn,
All the life I just yearn.
Down the road I go,
A long, long road I know.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem on November 12, 2010 from my home. It has been almost a year since I have written it and I have decided to send it to Teen Ink finally. To me, what inspired me to write this piece was based on how time has gone by so fast, I'm seventeen now, which I find hard to believe at times, so for me, life is going by much quicker as another day passes by. I'm uncertain on where I'll be in a year or five or even ten years, or if I'll even be successful. I want to live it one day at a time, and just hope for time to go at the pace I want it to, but the world is so indifferent to that. I hope people will get from this poem the idea of time going by quickly and that time is precious, so it is important to enjoy life while it is there. You must listen to your heart and follow your dreams, as you must find what makes you happy and do it. For me, acting and writing are the two things I hope to do in my life more than anything, I'll be happy when opportunities come knocking at my door and I must strive to pick the ones that will get me somewhere in the world where I want to be. Independence and maturity are the two major things this poem is about, as you know once you get to that point in your life where you're finally independent and ready to take off on whatever endeavors life has to offer, you must remember life is highly uncertain, for you're not a kid anymore, so you got to decide for yourself and speak for yourself on what matters to you. I think this poem also goes out to all the parents out there who know they must let their children go off into the big world where they don't know what will happen from there. This is a poem I think everyone can relate to, for it hits people on so many different levels, I hope that is what people will get from this poem.

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