Asking Me Where My Love Grows

October 30, 2011
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It's a feeling of avoiding each other
'Cause we know we aren't ending up together

My heart feels a longing but I don't mind brushing it off
After all it's just one amongst my feelings' trough

Though you always look at me and silently keep

Asking me where my love grows
You stare at me even though you know
I think my feeling will always remain true
Because my love growing with you

It's been like that for a lot of time now
When I used to see you, all I could say was, wow!
How could you ever like someone like me
That was something I couldn't see

But now this year changed is everything
I wasn't silly anymore with a crush on the 'king'
Because these days you search for me
Fret because daily you can't see

And when we look into each other's eyes
I wonder if you've looked beyond my lies
While I go around picking fights violently
You look at me and keep silently

Asking me where my love grows
You stare at me thinking that you know

But now I feel a hesitation
I can't make communication
It can lead to complication

Confusion is now reigning inside of me
Your feelings aren't clear enough to see
I'm not blushing anymore under your eye
Clearly it's now my time to decide

Though my heart tells me you aren't doubtful
My mind tell me you know what's blissful
And even though I keep gossiping violently
You always keep silently

Asking me where my love grows
This time I know you don't know
You think my feeling is still true
When my love ain't growing with you

The author's comments:
This song is based on a personal experience of mine. Basically, it is about a girl who had a crush on a popular guy. She thought she would never stop liking him, so when he looked at her, she thought he would ask her out one day.

Then a time comes when she isn't sure about her own feelings but knows that the boy is sneaking looks at her.

Finally, he is now concealing his emotions but still stealing glances at her. She has now outgrown her crush and knows that even though he may like her-which she's pretty sure her doesn't- she could never really like him back.

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