The Girl

November 1, 2011
Why can’t I
Get you off my mind
Happens every time
We run into each other and I-
Stumble thru some line,
A joke you’ve heard a hundred times
Just awkward passers passing by,
I tell myself, “Do better next time.”

You still smile
Sticks in my brain for a while
So naturally yourself, I cant help
But admire your style.
Confident and comfortable,
Draw me out from my small world
No longer hungry, I am full
Because I got to see you, Girl.

So charismatic
Your words are emphatic
Like color amongst static
I daresay that I’m impressed.
One of a kind
How you overtake my mind
Yeah it happens all the time
‘Cause you’re better than the rest.

Unique and interesting,
Unashamedly yourself-
When you speak I’m listening
Don’t want to be anywhere else.
Never have I ever
Received so much pleasure
From a simple conversation
The way I do with you.

Flirty and funny
Yet clever and cunning,
I sense a real connection
And I think that you do too.
So until next time
I’ll sit here writing rhymes
While you go on and shine.
I’ll keep you in my mind.

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