F*** the System

October 25, 2011
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Lost in lives of propaganda
The Dream is lost, pushed aside

We act and think
Caught in the Dream
Victims of happy brainwashers
Victims of happy slavers

The United States:
Blowing s*** up since 1776
They say xeno-love
Is one bad mix

Let's play rebellion
Role play pissed-off American
Let's go, let's go, let's go
And we know, we know
It's time!

To f*** the system
Let's go!
F*** the system (f*** the system, system, system)

"Less welfare, less heath care
Less taxes, more crashes"
The land of the free, land of idiocy
Let's plot how we're gonna twist 'em
Let's plot their victory denied

Is the Dream dead?
Lost from our heads?

Let’s go, let’s go
Never let go
‘Cause it’s time
So let's go!

Let's f*** the system
Time to
F*** the system, system

Let's go to
F*** the system
I love to f*** the system
F*** the system, system

Let's twist 'em, twist 'em
So f*** off!

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