La La Land

October 26, 2011
By Anonymous

We were once together just
You and me
But now we're just distant
Something that you can't see.
We were partners, friends, mates, and colleagues
But now you treat me like trash
Now you jus’ bash, mash, stash me
Anything you can do
To throw me, stow me away
So you
Can do whatever you want
Like you don't even know.
I was there to help you
To see you through
I gave my life to you
So why can't you
See that I’m there, here
Right in front of your face
You just see right through me
Like there's nothing in the space
That I guess once was me
Now I’m out of the picture
Nothing but a fixture
That you could just rip out place
Or take it for granite
Or throw it in the trash can
'Cause man
You stuck in

Laaaa laaaa laaaa laaaa laaaa land (repeat 3x)

I was there for you
And you didn’t even pay attention
All you cared about was yourself
No question,
No excuse,
No explanation
Of what happened
For the past
I’m tired of this
I’m so pissed
I don’t even know why you did what you did
Maybe it was
You got lost in the spotlight
Or you fell victim
To the crowd
But it was your actions

Not anybody else’s
You had the choice
To act the way you act
To be the way you wanted to be
So I see
That you chose the diva way
The selfish princess
The ugly duckling
Swimming with the fishes
The Queen
Who now can’t be seen
‘Cause now I’m on top
So you can stop
Your diva reign
‘Cause now I’m big
Like Herman Cain
I go all the way
To the top of the mountain
And you’re just the trickling fountain
Who stands there
Trying to get some attention
But you can’t
‘Cause everybody’s goin’ this direction
So go
Back home
Or in Rome
Or back in
Laaa laaa laaa laaa land (repeat 6 times)

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