War Over Hearts

October 26, 2011
By daniemore BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
daniemore BRONZE, Strongsville, Ohio
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"You don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you." - Playing God ~ Paramore

You bring me up
Like the sunrise
You shine in the spotlight
Like only you could

The power you hold
Is to great for just anyone
But you made me believe
There is something
Worth fighting for

You taught me
Love is more than a fling
That true love can hit you
Like a ton of bricks
But finding true love
Is what you hold on to
And never let go

The world misconstrues
All the truths that
Have held us together
The war over hearts
Turns into never-ending battles
But the strength all of us hold inside
Determine the winner
Of true love’s heart
Of true love’s first kiss

The magic of fantasy
has faded with time
Happily ever afters
Thrown out the door
The love we once knew
Makes no sense anymore

The battle is over
Both sides are done
Fighting one another
No point to it at all

New we can see us
As equals in life
We can save it
Or break it
But we fight for it all

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