What I Can't Control

October 27, 2011
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You look at me
I look at you
Our thoughts deceived
With shadows that hide the truth

Can we be
Can’t be true
If I can see
Than so can you

I am not good
I am not right
Lost behind the light

If there was a way to control what’s inside of me than I would…
But there are only cold driven thoughts to tempt my fate
I keep my self tied in ropes, can’t be let go, because then I could…
The darker side of me screams, overpowers everything, and then it escapes

I look in the mirror
And my soul stares back at me
The image gets clearer
It’s the identity of the enemy

I feel trapped
Locked away
The impulse to attack
Leads my heart to betray

All I fought to protect
Is broken through my infection
It watches as they suffer with no regret
This pain was beyond my intention

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