If Your Eyes Are an Ocean, I'll Gladly be Lost at Sea

October 24, 2011
By Magicaldave BRONZE, Owasso, Oklahoma
Magicaldave BRONZE, Owasso, Oklahoma
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Verse 1
I woke up to a day almost as beautiful as her,
The sunshine upon my eyes
Was reminding me of our last goodbyes,
I asked myself questions as I started to stir,
Will I ever see her again?

I set fire to our dreams,
And jumped into the sea
To drown out your screams,
'Cause oceans will set me free,
But they won't let the memories be.

Verse 2
I close my eyes,
Drifting on the shoreline,
I watch as she dies,
And her heart stops with mine
Beating slowly in reprise.


I call out to her,
But my voice drowns in the distance,
I swear that she's the reason for my existence,
So when I think of what of what we were,
I make no promise of resistance.

She's on a train,
I know where she's going,
Anywhere just to get me out of her head,
So the memories will finally stay dead.

Verse 3
Can anyone in the distance hear me
As I call out for assistance?
Somewhere in the sea,
You will find me,
I thought the ocean would set me free,
But I was wrong to think the memories would let me be.



The author's comments:
I wrote this a while back, but I still like it. It's probably one of my stronger pieces, and I take what pride I can out of it.
Hope whoever reads it, likes it. :)

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