Send Me A Memento

October 27, 2011
By Shashwat BRONZE, Singapore, Other
Shashwat BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Send me a Memento
My deary, my sweet dark-eyed love,
I hope this finds you in a sweet soft smile.
You’re in my everyday orisons sent above
for, towards you, I feel a religious zeal.

O chaste sweetheart memory of mine, why
are you fading in time with time?
Send me a memento to love you by.

Little queen of my heart, little things I commemorate;
your meadowlark voice, your lush black hair.
They fleet like satin and now, I commiserate
for I feel everyone has your voice, your flare.

Little precious pretty girl of my only heart
I’m beginning to bury you, my lonely art,
in the blurry greys of my memory.
Look into my eyes once ere I depart.

O chaste sweetheart memory of mine, reply
for you are fading in time with time.
Send me a memento to love you by.

I hope, O my fair love, you’re in sweet soft smiles.
For my dreams, in your wait honey, have seen you shed
Drops of an ominous message turned into Niles
Uttering, tenderly with a stern visage,

If ever you but question my silence, my queen
Wit that my love is not dead or dumb
but it waits for you in calmness serene
by the ocean where we’ll bloom and become.

O chaste sweetheart memory, Goodbye.
You’re fading with time in time.
This is my memento
for you to love me by.

So let a beautiful world fly
into your arms, into your arms.
It will fly into your arms.

*Tefached: "Be Afraid" in Hebrew

The author's comments:
This poem, "Send Me A Memento", I wrote for my long lost love.

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