Rose in all the Thorns

October 12, 2011
By lexiana11 BRONZE, Hfdh, Louisiana
lexiana11 BRONZE, Hfdh, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
When life gives you Skittles, throw them at random strangers and say "That's right. Taste the rainbow." :)

They say you're not a star to be
But truth is you're the one to beat
There out to get you but you know
You're the one who has to show
Them that they are so wrong
Just sing out your favorite song
Show them who you really are
Baby you know that you're a star

Keep on doing what you're doing
Being normal is so boring
Come on out and don't be shy
Cause you know that you can fly
And you know it's all so true
Be yourself yeah just be you
They want you to be torn
But you know
You're the rose in all the thorns

The author's comments:
When people read this, I want them to feel like you are special. Because you know what? You ARE special! No one is quite like you, and if you have a chance to show people you're different, use it! The reason people might be mean to you is that they are just jealous.

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