Listening to the Dark

October 15, 2011
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I’m staying up too late again,
I’ll go to bed, just don’t know when
For now, let’s lean back and listen to the dark.
I can’t take back what I’ve said,
I can’t stop looking up ahead,
Where everything looks like a question mark.
So I’ll turn out the lights,
And squeeze my arms tight,
And I’ll dream of one day, someday soon.
I’ll watch a TV show,
Or hear a song I know,
Or I’ll sing a new one that I wrote to the moon.
I miss the way things used to be,
I’m so glad I’m not the old me.
There’s music in the air, and my room is aglow.
Nightlight now a plugged-in Mac,
Music box, texts buzzing back,
And nothing is the way it used to go.
Even poetry used to stay
How I planned it was the way,
Now, nothing fits and the words chose to disobey.
The lines would rhyme so perfectly,
‘Cause they were under the control of me,
Now it’s falling apart like rain over papier-mache.
And nothing will work if I try to do it the old way.
I’m staying up too late again,
I’ll go to bed, it doesn’t matter when.
For now, I’ll sit back and listen to the dark.

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