I'll stay me

October 11, 2011
I'm not a bad person
I really don't mean to be
But I think you'd understand
If you really knew me
I watched my dad pull outta the driveway
I couldn't run fast enough
After all the years of fighting
My parents finally gave up
I watched everyone around me
Go on with their lives
I couldn't do that
I was too scarred to be alright
I watched my mother fall in love
I watched my father have stability
I tried to focus on my life
To the best of my ability
It was hard to do
But I did it
I finally found my place
I owe it all to my struggles
And the tears that rolled down my face
I met a boy that I love
And of course he broke my heart
But I think he's starting to see
That we don't need to be apart
I'm not scared of love
Just the things that come with it
I've never heard of a love story
Without a goodbye in it
But I have faith that I can find
What my parents never did
And I can find it on the first try
Settle down and have kids
I used to be scared of life
I used to be terrified of death
But I know that I can find happiness
And keep it until my last breath

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