dont change me

October 17, 2011
By SILVER, Elmhursy, Illinois SILVER, Elmhursy, Illinois
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ill be who i wanna be, dont change me
ill listen to what i want to, dont change me
ill laugh at what i want, dont change me
ill write what i want to write, dont change me
ill draw what i wanna draw, ill say what i wanna say,
ill love who i wanna love, ill read what i wanna read,
watch what i wanna watch, believe what i wanna believe,
do what i wanna do, be as good as i wanna be, cmon please
ill be who i wanna be, i just wanna be me, so dont try and change me.
cmon please! just let me be me!

The author's comments:
i was mad at my parents one day cause i fel i cant really express myself in my home or be myself, so i tried writing a heavy metal or screamo but i failed and turned it into this

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