Conquer Sadness; Happiness is a Process

October 5, 2011
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Forget the world and think of you--
How many things have you gone through?
Stop and think and feel at ease...
Who in the world are you trying to please?
How many times have you faked a smile?
Has the act gone on longer than a little while?
I'll bet not once have the tears been of joy.
I'll bet they've all been due to a bad boy...
A boy who doesn't even know you exist.
It's the reason you're crying that causes the emptiness to persist.
How many times have friends turned their backs?
I'll bet you'd do anything for them to take those actions back.
But they're not gonna, and I'm not gonna lie...
Tears are routine for me and sometimes I cry.
I know, however, that he's not worth my tears.
Rejection and failure are of my two biggest fears.
But hearts are breaking each and every day.
Don't waste your tears on things those guys say.
Rest assured, you're probably thinking of him as you read...
But don't let him waste your time here, I have to plead.
I do not know you, but I know you're unique.
Everyone's special and don't mind if I speak.
Have you ever wondered why bad things take place?
I'll bet you've always shrug away the question, but this is just a phase.
Fortunately for us, things will be okay...
We really will be happy and ecstatic someday.
But that's beside the point, because I'm making you think...
Why do you think happiness is at its brink?
I'm slowly reaching my composure, but I'm still at my breaking point.
Do you not think I want to cross through the joint?
I'm making you think, and haven't you ever wondered,
Why things happen the way they do and leave us to ponder?
Someday you'll meet your prince, he'll be all you're looking for...
But you never would have found him if you hadn't been dumped before.
So take it as an opportunity, the guy is freeing you to find your fate.
Remember to be open to possibilities and say yes to every date.

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