Riverside Dreams (Main Street)

October 12, 2011
By GodStrongKid PLATINUM, Parkville, Missouri
GodStrongKid PLATINUM, Parkville, Missouri
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Just the other day Walkin down the street
I saw my old man outside brushing his teeth
Now that brush kinda looked familiar,
but it can't be.
No wait a minute That ain't right,
That ain't right, that's mine!

Yeah walkin down the street
With a smile on my face
Keepin my old yeller dog
At a decent pace
Then I caught
little Joe with my guitar
And said, hey wait a minute
That ain't right, that's mine!

I'm just wasting my time
On main street
With that cat in the corner of the barber shop window
My Riley Jeans faded as could be
But It's nice rememberin those
Riverside dreams.

Strolling down the empty lanes
Of eighth and main

Reminiscing in
them good old days
I see her white top, shoes off, orange pop, non stop
Thoughts goin through my head
I wonder what life would be like
If I had her instead

Whoa I'm wasting my time
On main street
Wondering if my life is what it is supposed to be
My memory is as clear as it seems
it's nice rememberin those Riverside dreams.

Yeah walkin down that street
To the red oak tree
Where ma and pa made their vows
This is where I came to be
But on this day
I saw a pair of souls ascend to the sky
Forever intertwined.
their son lives on,
Wasting and wondering why
He's still walking on main street.

The author's comments:
Wanted to write something about my home.

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