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October 12, 2011
By Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
Brokengirl07 PLATINUM, Roy, Utah
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You have the power to make a difference, If you have the guts to try

I don't know my feelings for you 
All I know is when your around 
I look at myself and wonder who have I become 
Your bring out the best in me 
Making me finally see 
Life's not as bad as I make it seem 

I'm climbing out from the dark 
Let the sun shine all over me 
Yeah I'm climbing out from the dark 
So all of you can see, me
I'm walking toward the light 
It hasn't steered me wrong
So sit back and watch as I ignite

The scars left on my skin 
Are reminders to me 
So I know where I've been and who I've seen 
I know it sounds so silly 
But you don't know who you are 
Till you know what you've become 
And it's you who's made me see 


I wouldn't be anywhere without you 
So this is me saying thanks 
For the needed rescue 
And never giving up on me 
No matter how hard it was 
I know it was hard and I'm so sorry 
But I know who I am now 
And I know you'd be so proud 


Watch me as I ignite... 

The author's comments:
I'm not quite sure of my feelings for a boy, but when he's around nothing matters. I'm free to be me and I noticed this one day so I wrote this.

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