Beautiful Nightmare

October 9, 2011
The mirror creaks and moans of its own accord,

I stare at the others, and draw my sword.

The mirror shatters to the floor,
In its place stands an open door.

The light pulls me in, and draws me to it.

The door is open, I’m going through it.

The world is dark, yet colors swirl,

All of time begins to unfurl.

The line between life and dreams disappears,

And I’m overcome by all of my fears.

I lift my sword, with a glint in my eye,

Say: hello fears, prepare to die

I slash and stab, and fight my way through,

Showing bravery I never knew.

And then the line between realities comes back into play,

And my fears slowly begin to fade,

And the light turns back on, and everything's clear.

And I’m still staring, at the unbroken mirror.

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Accapella said...
Oct. 24, 2011 at 10:53 am

quite impressive....gud thoughts inked...

would u mind tryin my 2 song lyrics...itz jst before urs...

dusky twilight & lost identity...

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