The Girl In The Dark

October 9, 2011
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She wishes she could die and be recreated. Be reborn as a different creature, something she is not. She lives in the darkness. She wants to be someone besides herself. She wants what she can’t have, thinks of everything impossible. Thinks of everything as something bad. She is too sensitive; she gets yelled at she cries like crazy. Cares too much for animals. She is never satisfied, with anything. Never again will she listen or feel the word happiness. Her heart has been torn out and is now gone for good. She doesn’t have a soul to feel or tell her what is right and what wrong. Everyone says she is depressed too much. They are telling the truth, everyday of her life is full of this feeling, but she cannot help it. She knows when things are wrong, but can’t help but feel angry or depressed.

She lives in fear that one day everything will disappear and she will be alone. No one will be there for her to love and care about. She lives in the dark so no one can see her, so she can’t make people sad and mad. Do you know who this girl is? I do, she lives within me. She comes out when something goes bad, and disappears when I feel happy. Sometimes she comes out when everything is going fine, just to make everything go wrong again. She loves to watch me burn! I want her gone, she needs to leave, and never return. I try to tell her but she does not listen to anyone but herself! This girl is… me… myself… I! I am the girl, who lives in the dark, and I will never come out, I am never leaving the darkness again!

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