Come Along

September 29, 2011
By AlexM BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
AlexM BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Come along –
Come with me –
I’ll take you to a place you have never seen,
Even in your wildest dreams.
A place that is just beyond the ridge,
Past the mountain and over the bridge.
A place that many call their home,
But is not ruled by a crown or throne.
A place just below the willow tree,
Where broken promises fill the sea.
Come along –
Come with me –
I’ll take you to the forest of fear and doubt,
A place where ghastly figures move about.
A place high above the clouds or sun,
Where the air stands still and colors run.
A place with which old men relate,
Where children cannot contemplate.
A place in which lovers cry,
And beggars dance and prophets lie.
Come along –
Come with me.

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