Black light

September 23, 2011
By Matt_teh_Kat GOLD, Puyallup, Washington
Matt_teh_Kat GOLD, Puyallup, Washington
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the cold stars,
shining in the empty black night
my cold heart,
feels like dieing go to the light
slip and slide,
down the the icy road of deceit
even if I try,
I cannot get back on my feet

But in the meantime,
I'll dream,
I'll scheme,
what I've seen,
don't know what it means,
its the black light

The warm sun,
no longer shines in my world
the deed is done,
waiting for everything to unfurl
your sweet face,
is all i ever want to see
but in pace,
i feel the effects of gravity

but this time,
I break free,
don't make me,
don't you see,
is this all life's meant to be,
wont you share it with me?

And if you lie or if you cry,
don't expect me to come around
Don't even try or ask why,
I hear nothing but sound
Its in your face, couldn't erase,
the marks on my mind,
is it time?
or is it mine?

Dont blame me,
or i'll blame you,
and is that what you want to do?

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