Voices Playing in the Background

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

Everything can change,
So don't fall asleep,
Cause you're breaking hearts,
So don't close your eyes shut.

No I can't hear you now,
So don't try to reach me,
I've locked out long ago.

Your eyes they weep with sorrow,
Cause I no longer have this sympathy,
That you use to feed off of,
So don't reach for me.

No I can't hear you now,
So don't try anything,
I've been shut down for quiet sometime.

I hate to see you go,
But I love to watch you leave,
Cause I'm tried,
And sick what we've done.

No I can't hear you now,
Your memory haunts me,
Quietly in the back of my mind.

I hope to God that I could wake up,
From this nightmare,
That I cannot escape from,
Now that I don't need you.

No I can't hear you now,
So close your eyes,
And rest in pieces,
Cause you're making this too easy.

I'm sure you've hear all the lies,
All the truth,
Never believing in a word of it,
Cause you no longer believe in me.

No I can't hear you now,
Just rest in piece,
And let me be.

Quietly haunt me,
In the whisper in the night,
Cause I hated to watch you leave,
But I loved it when you go.

No I can't hear you now,
Buried underneath,
All the lies and the truth.

I never asked for this,
All we've done before,
We took this drug,
And was swept away into the milky way.

No I can't hear us now,
Cause we fell apart,
No this just ain't funny.

The milk went curdled,
And the food went bad,
Just like you went curdled,
And I went bad.

No I can't hear us now,
We've used too many tries,
To get this right again,
And we've failed so many times too.

So smile in your sleep,
As I kiss you goodnight,
One last time,
Before I go.

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