Like Black Coffee

September 27, 2011
By KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
KateLauria GOLD, Merrimac, Massachusetts
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The diner was full
As full as the moon
It made young men handsome
To school girls that swoon.

“I’ll buy you a beer-Bud Lite’s on me,”?Said the cupid-faced boy
With the girl on his knee.

With the bat of a lash and the toss
Of her hair
From cupid-faced boy
She received more than beer.

“I remember those days,”
Said a woman at the bar
“Back when I was a girl
With those boys, I’d go far.”?
I smiled politely. “Coffee?” I said
Watching the young couple
She nodded her head.

Sighing in remembrance,
A hand to her heart
Again the woman nodded
“I’ll have it black and strong
But make sure it’s not tart.”

To make her coffee, I went to the kitchen
With a small smile, I thought,
She likes her coffee the way I like men.


These girls hold the bachelors
Wrapped tight around their finger
Instead of leaving numbers
They leave kisses that linger.

I’m working the night shift
It’s five past three
But I can’t help but watch
This spectacle in front of me.

The girls with their lip gloss
The boys with their money
Pick-up lines tossed around like confetti
“You’ve got a face like an angel, honey,”

I had the woman her coffee
It’s made the same way I like men
But there’s no time to think
Of young Barbie and Ken.

You could say that I was jealous
Of the girls who tossed their hair
I wanted to be perched on the knee
Of a boy who bought me beer.

I smile at this memory and consider my life
What went right and what went wrong
I think of my husband, who
Just like my coffee
Is black, and so very strong.

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