Here's to the Ending

September 23, 2011
He sits on his bed
Replying the memories that died
That night
It ended so fast

She runs down the street
trying to escape
the words that haunt her
but the more that she ran,
the more she was convinced,

That it was broken
The dreams that she wanted were
Or the dreams that she thought she wanted

And as I sing this song tonight
I'll tell you about a tale
tore them apart
Yes, it tore them apart
She fell to the ground
and screamed at the top of her lungs
Is this what becomes of love?
Tell me is this what become of love.

He stands by the ocean
the place that was theirs
at the time,
not anymore.
He clenches his fists,
reminding him of all the hurt
and pain, that was bursting inside

And so they screamed out to God,
is this what was to become of us?
Is this our story?
Because I don't understand.
And so she cried in her hands
and he hid his face
Is this our story?
They whisper
This wasn't supposed to happen.
It wasn't supposed to happen to us.

So, I'll sing you a song
And you'll sing along in time
when it happens to you.
When you'll fall in love,
and everything feels right and true,
and then out of the blue,
Everything changes
Everything hurts
Nothing feels right
Nothing feels true
And that's how it happened.
That's how it began.
That's how it ended.

And so he sits in his bed.
And she runs down the street
As he's replying the memories that died.
And she's trying to escape
the words that haunt her.
The thoughts that haunt her.
While, is trying to remember, the reason it all went wrong.
It all went wrong.

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