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September 11, 2011
By leshazy BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
leshazy BRONZE, Norwich, Connecticut
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Favorite Quote:
"past and the future doesn't matter. now is happening. make the most of it"

Babe I should turn away at this time now,
I know who you are and the things you've done
Cautiously I take a peak at your past
But my eyes only catch the grin on your face

Caught up in laughter, I fall for you
Senses are blocked as you take my hang
The whispers that scatter don't mean a thing
Cause my eyes only catch the grin on your face

And when you lips touched mine
I was taken by surprised, the intensity of them had me craving for more
And all that I wanted was to be

I've realized the complication we will create
Sneaking out late, and the risk we'll take
I am in love with a rebel in heart
But my eyes only catch the grin on his face

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