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You say I Say

September 15, 2011
By Anonymous

You say you love me
I say I love you to
You say April you are my world
I paused & think if you say that to every girl
I say how many times we going to go threw this
You say ugh bay it's you I want & miss
I say I always fall for the "game you run"
Last time I said I was done
You say I apologize for all I did, but please take me back
I say but respect for my heart is something you lack
You say bay I just want everything back on track
I say but I don’t know because my heart is crack
You say April I promise to repair
I say you say that but how I know you really care
You sign & I can hear in your voice the tears
I say I want to be with you but being hurt is my fear
You say nothing
So I start buffering
You say bay uggh I can't stress this enough
I say I know but this choice is tough
You say bay I understand
I say why go threw this again
You say April you are all I am focused on
April I know I was in the wrong
I just listen while tears run down my face
I say I want you, but it feels like to your heart with other girls I’m in a race
You say I know what you mean, but things aren't the same
I think all of this is game
You say look into my eyes
April I promise to you not to tell lies
I look deep and it feels so right
You say April I put on everything to keep the love tight
My mind say go but my heart say no!
Sooooo you sit and stare at me
You lean forward and kiss me on my check
I say but I done heard so many lies I don’t know what is true or not
You say baby you giving up now! Why when we been threw a lot
You say I told you I would never leave
April take me back please
I say you said nothing for me you would trade
I say helplessly and heartbroken I layed
You say now there is nothing we can't get threw
I say now there is something I have to do
You say what
I say ssssshhhhh and listen to what I have to say
Ugggh why do things have to be this way
I take you back but we must go slow
You say things are going to be better and I will show
You say we are on a new start
And April my first lady nothing will do us apart

The author's comments:
me and my ex boyfriend broke up and this is what we said to each other. i just made it rhyme

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