Embrace Me

September 9, 2011
By Malia. GOLD, Univercity Place, Washington
Malia. GOLD, Univercity Place, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"im added to your chain"

C- locked in your embrace
I know you can chase
all my fears and doubts away
I wish you could stay

V1- holding me in your arms
but for all your charms
I still fear you'll disappear
and I'll be left standing here

wondering what went wrong
trying to be strong
I don't want to be alone again
I wont be hurt again

V2- when I look into your eyes
It quiets all my cries
It's just so easy
I want you with me

hold me tight
I'll be with you all night
we'll just lay here
staring up at the stars


V3- I forever want to feel this way
to see you everyday
I'll give all my heart
and trust you'll give it all

to me you'll give it all
you wont let me fall
and I'll never let you go
because I love you so


V4- forever you could stay
to always be near
and do this all again
I need you to see
why I'd fight a thousand wars
If you would give me your heart
never let me go
never let me go
never let me go

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