Smile Like You Do

September 16, 2011
I’m tired of being
Another teenage cliché
And if I truly believed
Maybe I’d pray
But all I know is it’s never happening to me
I’m watching life go by on a movie screen

I’m sick of being the best friend
The one you tell all your secrets to
I’d rather you just hold my hand
And say to me, I love you

And I’m tired of giving great advice
Being there for you on the hardest nights
I just want to you the smile the way you do
When you see her walk in the room

Am I any better
Than a therapist
I guess I never realized
I signed up for this
Sure we can laugh and joke and talk for hours
But I know deep down you’ll never buy me flowers

What’s wrong with me
Please just explain
Will I always have to be
In this kind of pain
All I know is everyone gets to try for a time
While I sit by and shout tips from the sideline


How can you call me
So funny, so great, so smart
But never want to
Give a thought about my heart
And I’ll never be able to say the deepest truth
Even when I’m pretty sure my heart is breaking loose


Don’t tell me
That it [just takes time] x 3
And don’t say
Wait for [the right guy] x3
You don’t get it
You never will
You’re riding a roller coaster
While I’m standing still


I know it’s stupid
To wish for pain
You’ll look at me
Call me insane
But I’m sick of watching, feeling haunted
I to want to feel what it feels to be wanted


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GuitarGirl98 said...
Sept. 24, 2011 at 11:34 pm
This is really good! Keep writing, your one of my favorite writers on this site!
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