Sweet Angel

September 6, 2011
You're the boy gentle,
Skipping stones with your sister by the lake.
You make fun of all the shadows funny shapes.
You climb logs in the forest
Helping mama 'round the house
Never stop to rest when you're in doubt.

How did that sweet angel go away?
And end up breaking hearts this way
When did you change how you look at me?
When did you stop stopping to think?
Now you're in love with every girl in the world
And you're lying because you don't know what she's worth
Sweet Angel.
Why did you change?
I wish you had stayed the same.

You're throwing rocks and you don't wanna leave
You gotta have your teddy bear before you sleep
Curled up in your hammock swinging from the trees
Building castles out of legos humming with the bees
Time for school and your backpacks packed
A+ in everything but math


You used to throw rocks, now you're throwing me down.
You used to play soft, now you're playing around.

You were the boy I grew up with
Held my hand and stole my heart
Ran with my until I was sick,
Never left me in the dark
But you've changed
My Sweet Angel
And suddenly...
You're the devil that haunts my heart.

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