Just An Excuse

September 6, 2011
Is the end we never wanted? I see it fall and I do nothing to stop it.
I see the pain in your eyes; the stony look, it’s a goodbye.
And though I wish it were different, I would do nothing different; I’d still be brought here.
So excuse me if I fake a smile and walk away. No one wanted this, but we saw it coming.

And it’s not like it’s over; it’s more moving forward.
This is not just an ending; it’s a new way of thinking.
(Is this just an excuse? ‘Cause I’ll miss you)
And I thought if it were simple, it’d be easier to deal with.
If it was in the open, there are no questions (nothing to hope for).
Is it better? Is it worse? I still love you, but your love is like a curse-
Holding me down, holding me back, and yet…
It’s all I want…
I love you.

Your love is like an ocean- it is wide and it is deep.
But it tends to pull me under and I’m falling off my feet.
I want you to surround me- pull me under, pull me in.
But if I were to surrender, if I were to just give in…
What would happen next? Is it a war, or just a battle I would win?


I love you (5x)


Is this just an excuse? Cause I’ll miss you…

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