Heart for sale

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

My heart is up for sale and i hope you stop by
And if you cant afford it i'll lower the price so you can buy
I'm not sure you'll want i, its been used torn and broken
But my heart is different so i hope mine is chosen
It may have some wear and tear
But there is still plenty of love there
A lot has been used but its still soft and homey
An more people are sure to come so you would not be lonely
I could take off your mask but i would keep mine on
I'm afraid of what would happen if my mask were gone
I doubt you'd stay hardly long enough move in
I'm afraid i'd hurt you strong as you are
I fear that my mask wont come up to par
And that you would only be disappointed and we'd leave each other another scar
Something to hide and put away in secret
Something we know is not at all needed
So maybe i'll keep myself silent to keep you safe
Because its not just my own heart at stake

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