The Blind Optimist

September 13, 2011
By ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
ItsMeMatt SILVER, Conyers, Georgia
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I remember the days when it was always you and me
We always talked about the things we'd do when we were free
How we'd buy things when we were rich
But before our dreams were realized you ditched
You left me to take 3rd degree
And 'we' is now just me
But i can't say i was blind to these happenings
I just didn't think it would happen to me

Take it like a man?
It was such a harsh demand
Instead i took it as who i am just a kid
A kid like many times before that was left to sit in what you did
Sitting looking foolish and heart broken
Just to realize your promises were ill-spoken

It good I'm used to this game
Promise me you'll stay them you leave knowing I'll never be the same
Funny how pain isn't pain anymore
In its place is remorse
But not for what you think
Remorse for letting people play games with me

From Mom to Dad sister to brother its all been identical
Giving life to hope only to make it cynical
And done all this to forget me
For my mental evaluation to read 'ALL OF THE FOLLOWING'

But as always I'll agree to be the lightning rod because that's what i do
Just another outlet to be used
A punching bag, If I may
Better yet a blind optimist looking for day
Even though he knows his eyes are long gone
Yet I'll always face west looking for the rising sun

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