Thoughts on Life (at it's lowest)

September 13, 2011
By flynnr GOLD, Rutland, Massachusetts
flynnr GOLD, Rutland, Massachusetts
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Verse 1
My head’s in the sand
So how do you expect me to see
This life is so bland
My only flavor is this tree
I’ll just take another toke
Lay back close my eyes swim in my dreams and soak
In my sea of disguise
And these doubts and these lies
Will surely be my demise

Verse 2
My fear, is compromise
My life dictated by lies
Someday I’ll rise
My concern, is loss
My thoughts, float across
These buildings gather moss
As they decay
And everyday
I feel this way
They say
Life’s a play
I’m looking to exit stage right
Grow Wings, take flight
And head straight to the light

My heads’s in the clouds
My brains gone by now
My lies safe and sound
entrapped by my doubt

Verse 3:
Why take that risk
When it would be easier to slit my wrists
And stain the floor red
Things would be better if I where dead
As I lye awake at night
Thoughts filled with strife
I know regardless of slight
Of hand I can’t escape
Not being more than a man
Cause I can’t change anything
And I despise everything

Verse 4
Have you felt excluded
Not me, I chose to be secluded
Cause myself I’m diluted
In a glass of substance and shame
It’s hard to find meaning and love
When I’m looking through such a small frame
My mind’s long at war
I forces Peace down my throat
So that this world I can explore
And find an excuse to cope

My heads’s in the ground
My brain’s in the clouds
My lies safe and sound
Soul’s protected by doubt

Verse 5
People put so much stake in me
This journey has taken me
To the place I feel fake you see
Walking around acting happily
Knowing there is such a gap in me
I wish someone would just answer these pleas
And let me be set free

The author's comments:
once again my friend Brian M. co-wrote this with me about a year ago. He wrote verse 2,3, and 5 while I wrote verses 1, 4, and the chorus.

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