Roller Coaster Game

September 11, 2011
Too closely intertwined
I shudder to call you mine.
Every step I take, down every avenue
Leads me in a different way right on back up to you
And I can't let you go
Haven't learned how to say no
To every perfect apology
And to your warm arms holding me
All these years of history
All these chains pressed down on me.
All I wanna do is jump around and scream my own name
Stop taking all the blame.
And I'm through with all the lies
And the hundred chances that have passed you by
I'm done with the roller coaster game.

But still I sit pushed onto the ground
Falsely content with the very smell of your breath
Still know you're out of breath making up all the lies that I haven't heard yet.


So cover me up and wash me down
Bury everything I've found
Hold me in this prison all my life
And I'll listen to everyone's heart but mine


You're saying sorry like a chore
And I can't listen anymore
So I'll give you a magic bottle,
You got three wishes left
And I'll bet...
You'll wish your hair covered the mark under your ear
And you'll wish no one will see your tears
And you sure won't wish for me
Because what you don't know is you're set me free.

And now I'm jumping around and screaming my own name
And I'm giving you all the blame
And I'm lying when I say I love you
And you're had a hundred chances and they've passed you by
And I pushed you right off the crazy roller coaster ride.

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teenwriter121293 said...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 3:55 pm
This is amaaazinnnnnnng.  It speaks straight to my heart.  I feel this song so deeply. Please keep writing don't EVER stop <3
Brandywrote replied...
Sept. 28, 2011 at 6:46 pm
aww, thank you soo so much!
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