The Horse of Resilience

September 11, 2011
Somewhere out in the distance,
A horse is in need of some assistance.
The horse has been abused and hurt,
People have treated it like dirt.
It has always dreamed of a better life,
One with nothing such as strife.
The horse has always wanted love,
As strong as the heavens above.
Its beauty has always been intense,
Like a yearling that can jump a fence.
The horse has moved to many places,
It has seen so many old faces.
The horse has been down many roads,
Carrying with it so many loads.
Even though it has been the same,
Never has the horse gone lame.
The horse has always put up with the fight,
Always remembering to do what is right.
Even with all the years that has gone,
The horse of resilience will remain strong.

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