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September 14, 2011
By 2Lyte BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
2Lyte BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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...Since Knowledge kills ignorance, I'm about to leave you breathless....

Life Lessons learned
As Time Passes by
Many complain when adversity comes before they even try
“Lord deliver me, I can’t bare this heavy burden! I can’t live with my 9 to 5 while my mother is in the hospital bed hurtin’.”
Turns to his left and on the night stand lays the Holy Book
Searches through the Scriptures to see if God has a message to change his outlook
Through Genesis meaning the beginning to the Proverbial lines depicted by the Psalms
Constantly repeating the uplifting lyrics in David’s songs
As his little daughter cries from the next room about a dream
A dream about her mother who is a dope fiend
Holds the girl in his arms and promises her “One day she’ll be clean.” Unaware that her bad habit lead to her own murder scene
“God is testing me! Why Lord?!? Why must you put me to the test?
I will die an early grave with this unbearable stress! And this is crazy because I stopped living the life that I used to. But the same ones I left behind are making more money than I and I prove to-“
Clasp his hands together and bows his head in respect
Love of the God within him but his stress caused him to slander the Divine Name as he reflects
Those troubling times of calamitous days causes many to blame the most high and to forget the wicked one
But hold on to your faith and keep your head up eternally-God’s Son….

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