I Try to Forget, But All I Seem to do is Remember

September 13, 2011
By xshatterd_realityz SILVER, Northridge, California
xshatterd_realityz SILVER, Northridge, California
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life is a canvas, paint a picture with your eyes
love is a crime worth commiting

But when I fall asleep at night
I close my eyes
And the memories come back to me
Oh how I miss those beautiful eyes
Looking at me
Never will I feel the same again
You took everything away from me
My heart aches at every thought
Do you remember all those nights?
How we’d whisper into the sky
And empty out our hearts
Smile when I pass you by
Don’t leave me hanging on
Tell me you won’t forget
All the things we did and say
You hurt me with your looks
How id give anything to stand next to you for one last time
You took everything away from me
My feeling will never change
You’ve got me under a love spell
And nothing id ever do, could break me free
I’ll tell you, we have a story to share
Don’t forget our roles
We played in a love song
One that will keep going on
Sing it sweet, don’t let it slip
I’ve fallen for you
Fell so hard, that I can’t get back up
I can’t help but think about those days
Every memory hurts, id cry for you hugs
Now when I pass you by, it takes everything for me not to run up to you
Promise me that this will come to an end
That it’ll hurt less as time goes by
I don’t want to forget
But remembering hurts more than anyone knows
When I look at you now, I can’t help but ask, could things ever go back to how they were?
You and Me against the whole world
We played a lead in a love story
My lines were truths to you and only you
Yours were your own
We had our part down
There was no one to take our spots

The author's comments:
This is a poem tht is dedicated to a BF that i am with, its a poem which shares the thoughts and feelings that i will feel if anything were to happen.

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