September 10, 2011
By Anonymous

I bet my wildest fantasy
That I would win with certainty

Challenge me, oh friend.
I would bet my heart and soul
You would never let me go

Now I know you know

Freeze, this is a movie scene
Let's go back to when we were young

Freeze, this is a life for me
So hold it in as I let go
I just want you
to know

It hurts when you hurt me
I hurt when you went against me
It hurts when you know what to say

To get under my skin,
You just go away

So far, so far, I won't be
For now, for now, I can’t be
And I know, yes I know, nothing will ever change

I just wish you would talk
To me
I want things as they used to be.

You’re more than a best friend to me.
So why can’t you see?

When I pour my heart out
To you.
Tell me what more I can do

I have nothing left to say
but step back, remember the days
Remember the days

The late nights
The rides home
The parties
The old jokes
The weird games
The stories
The laughter
The worries

The fears
On the inside
The hours
You would cry.
And I would call you
On the phone

I thought best friends never grow old.
Oh, oh.

Why did we grow apart?

The author's comments:
The loss of my friend, Allison.

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